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Titan Health 6 Week Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge

6 Week Challenge

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12 Week Challenge

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Lifestyle Challenge

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“This will be the best and biggest decision you have made so far. Embrace it and everything will be yours”

“This will be the best and biggest decision you have made so far. Embrace it and everything will be yours”

Who are we and what do we do?

Why work with the experts here at Titan?

We are industry experts in multiple disciplines from Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Fitness Coaching, Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy.

Your in good hands…

You have probably seen plans similar to these before by people claiming to be experts. Personal Trainers who have read a few books, Gym Gurus who have lost a bit of weight and now want to teach the world to do the same. Companies claiming the next best thing on the weight loss train.

Let me tell you something that you probably already know. A lot of these people and the fitness industry as a whole are feeding people so much fluff, no one knows if they are coming or going. If they need to train before or after food. Do they go keto or do they go vegetarian.

All you need to know is our experts will dispell all these myths, educate you on the best relationship with food and show you that everything in moderation and within you calorie allowance is allowed.

In our team we have professionals who have designed nutrition and fitness programmes for elite level athletes where a calorie here or there eaten out of plan or at the wrong time can mean a gold medal or last place.

We have decades of experience of finding the right balance for every individual and we do not push voodoo science or a crazy un-sustainable diet onto any of our participants. This process has to be fun, engaged, educational and successful for everyone!

Who makes up the team?

  • Nutritionists – That have worked with thousands of people including celebrities and elite athletes.
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches – Who have worked with post partum moms, elite athletes and celebrities alike.
  • Personal Trainers – With over 25 years experience and experience working with elite football.
  • Sport Therapists – With over 30 years combined experience working with sports professionals and the general public on injury rehab, flexibility and health limiting conditions.

When you look at all of the above, you won’t just be getting a nutrition and fitness plan to follow. You will be getting access to a team of very knowledgeable professionals that can advise you on everything from nutrition through to injury recovery. Who will be on hand at all times to provide you with that whisper in the ear to motivate you on, regardless of the hurdle!

How does the challenge work?

Let’s break it down!

Whether you go for the 6, 12 or Lifestyle Challenge they all run the same.

The Beginning

  1. Book your place on your chosen plan.
  2. Complete the Registration Form.
  3. You will then be sent your Nutrition and Training Plan. Usually 2 to 3 days before the start of the Challenge.

The Challenge

  1. Follow the Diet and Training Plans as best you can. Full support will be given to you 24/7 as you progress through day by day.
  2. Each week there will be a check-in with an update from you with how your feeling, progress pictures and weight / measurement updates.
  3. After each check-in we will, if required, adjust your food and training to keep you achieving your goals.

The Finale

  1. At the end of your challenge, we hope you will of reached the goal you set out.
  2. We will then review all participants and their journeys (photos, weight loss, muscle gains etc) and pick a winner for the prize. This won’t always be just purely weight related, it could be a reverse in medical conditions, muscle gains, how dedicated and tough your journey may of been etc.

Let’s dive a little deeper and go into each part of these challenges in a bit more detail… continue on budding Titan…

Challenge Participant Stuart

How does the challenge work?


Booking your place on your chosen challenge

So this couldn’t be any easier.

Firstly you will need to head on over to our “shop” where you will have the option to “purchase” one of the challenges.

You can purchase as many of the challenges as you want. For example if you and your friend/partner will be doing it together then just buy 2. There are no limits on purchases so go wild, get your family on board, your friends, hell even your dog! Why not! 🙂

Once you have completed your purchase, you will be sent a receipt to confirm the purchase. Shortly after this (usually within an hour or two) one of our team will then send you a link to our registration form. This is where it gets juicy!

The registration form is the most important part of the entire challenge from start to finish. The reason being is this is what gives us the ammunition to design your plan. You have to be thorough. Give us as much information about you, your goals, what you like, dislike, training styles, favourite foods the works! The more information we have, the better.

Please, give us war and peace, we absolutely LOVE IT!

Once we have this information then we will get to work designing your food (macro split) and your training plan to compliment this. The plan will tell you what types of foods to eat, when to eat them and when and how to train. These are all bespoke so will be different from person to person. If you don’t like certain aspects of your plan, we will do our best to change it.

The point of this plan is to give you the tools to make this a lifestyle change and you will be surprised just how much of the stuff you like to eat are still included but be under no illusion, it will be a change from the norm and you know yourself, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need that!

How does the challenge work?


The middle bit. Where the work starts…

The hardest bit is out of the way, the signing up in the first place!

You have taken a huge decision and you should be proud of yourself. Most people are still sitting on their couches, eating themselves into an early grave but you, you have chosen to do something about it and for that, you are already a winner!

Now on paper, this should sound simple. All we want to do is for you to follow the Diet and Training Plans that we have designed for you to the best of your ability.

There will be an element of counting calories, weighing food etc. Some people struggle with this but we understand this. So we will give you some example diet plans that you can easily follow. Once you have done a week or two of this, normally you can eye your food quantities and you will know they are right. This takes practice though so maybe initially start off either with an app such as My Fitness Pal or just use online resources to check the calories and macros in foods. Any problems just get in touch with us, you have our full support 24/7 as you progress through day by day.

We have also partnered with a company called Pre Kitchen UK. They are able to provide you with pre-prepared meals at a discounted price for all Titan Challenge participants. If this is of interest please let your personal coach know, who can give you the link and a discount code to use on checkout with them.

Each week there will be a check-in with an update from you with how your feeling, progress pictures and weight / measurement updates. This is usually done on Friday morning so we can adjust plans on Friday and Saturday to give back to you any amendments and so you can do your shopping ready for your next week to start from Monday. Most challenges start on a Monday so Friday is usually the check in day but this may vary and you will be made aware of all of this on sign up.

After each check-in we will, if required, adjust your food and training to keep you achieving your goals.

Remember though. If you cheat in the week you are only cheating yourself. That said, we know this happens for various reasons that only you will understand but we are here for you. Talk to us, don’t be ashamed of falling off the plan. It happens. But let us help you to pick you back up, get you back on track and then we can smash the next week. Success is just a series of failures and each failure makes us a better person! You just have to own these times, realise the change that is needed and implement, that is a true Titan!

Debbie post pregnancy 6 week client

How does the challenge work?


A time of reflection and a decision to be made..

So, you are there. The end of your 6, 12 or 52 week challenge. Chances are, it’s been an emotional roller coaster but an enjoyable, enlightening and empowering one.

You would have realised by now that eating right and losing weight doesn’t have to be boring and limiting. It can be exciting and enjoyable!

Hopefully you would have reached a point in your journey that you will be happy with and that can motivate you onto more great things. You may of reached your fat loss goal but now want a new challenge of building muscle. You may of increased that muscle mass but now want to get dynamically faster for your chosen sport etc. Whatever you goals and future goals we hope at this stage you have met them or at least very close to it.

As a team we will then have a job to do. We will review all participants and their journeys where we take into consideration everything, not just who lost the most weight but who changed their life for the better. Who’s journey was possibly the hardest. Who had the mental strength to push through when others would of given up? This is what makes you a Titan and this is what we look for. Once we have been through all the data, we will pick a winner and that person will then receive one of 3 prizes (depending on the challenge they signed up to) either £250, £500 or £1000! What better way to spend that money that a new wardrobe or a new BBQ for your new found love of food! Whatever you want to spend it on, you definitely deserve it!

Most Titan’s once they have finished their challenge tend to go on and do more. Not because they still need their macro’s working out, or their fitness plans adjusted. But sometimes just because they have a family, a community of people who help each other, laugh together and sometimes cry together. That’s what we are. A family and support bubble and a life long partner of yours…

Featured Clients

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12 Week Participant

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Titan Health 6 Week Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge

6 Week Challenge

Join the challenge for just £90!  Just £15 a week…

12 Week Challenge

Join the challenge for just £170!  Just £14 a week…

Lifestyle Challenge

Join the challenge for just £590!  Just £11 a week…


“How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.”

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“I’ve failed over and over again in my weight loss fight… The team at Titan taught me to realise failure is just one step closer to success.”

“I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”